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Ginko Ladies Footies

Sale price€8,95

Get in a world of transformation and freedom with our Ginko ladies footies - where the meaning of the Libelle is caught in a stylish design!

The Libelle, the symbol of transformation and freedom, finds its way to our footies in the form of a subtle image. This meaningful addition brings a playful and airy atmosphere, so that every step you take entails a sense of change and liberation.

Made from high -quality polyester, our footies not only offer comfort but also sustainability. Cover your feet with luxury and let them enjoy the freedom of movement without worries about sagging, thanks to the silicone anti -slip heel.

The short length of our footies ensures that they disappear effortlessly in your shoes, making them invisible in sneakers or low shoes. Your secret of comfort and style that only you know.

Add a touch of meaning to your daily outfit with our Ginko ladies footies. Let your feet shine with the symbolic Libelle, while exploring the world in comfort and style. Step into the transformation of casual elegance and enjoy the freedom of movement, every step off the road!

Ginko Ladies Footies
Ginko Ladies Footies Sale price€8,95