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Spring/Summer 2022

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Malia: FootiesMalia: Footies
Malia: Footies Sale price€8,95
Mizzi: FootiesMizzi: Footies
Mizzi: Footies Sale price€8,95
Marshmellow: ShortsocksMarshmellow: Shortsocks
Marshmellow: Shortsocks Sale price€10,95
80's Stuff80's Stuff
80's Stuff Sale price€12,95
Sold outDaisy: ShortsocksDaisy: Shortsocks
Daisy: Shortsocks Sale price€10,95
Ice Rocket: SocksIce Rocket: Socks
Ice Rocket: Socks Sale price€12,95
Sold out& C × xpooos hello beautiful& C × xpooos hello beautiful
Sold out& C × xpooos Marble Skins& C × xpooos Marble Skins
& C × xpooos Marble Skins Sale price€10,95
Sold outLaila: ShortsocksLaila: Shortsocks
Laila: Shortsocks Sale price€10,95
Xpooos × ADNF LimoncelloXpooos × ADNF Limoncello
Xpooos × ADNF Limoncello Sale price€12,95
Game about: SocksGame about: Socks
Game about: Socks Sale price€12,95
Flamingo: socksFlamingo: socks
Flamingo: socks Sale price€12,95
Sold out&C × XPOOOS into the Wild&C × XPOOOS into the Wild
&C × XPOOOS into the Wild Sale price€10,95
Sold outGame about: Boxer
Game about: Boxer Sale price€18,95
Sold out&C × XPOOOS Checkerboard Madness&C × XPOOOS Checkerboard Madness
Cactus Party: SocksCactus Party: Socks
Cactus Party: Socks Sale price€12,95
Chinese TigerChinese Tiger
Chinese Tiger Sale price€12,95
Sold out& C × xpooos Backyard Daisy& C × xpooos Backyard Daisy
& C × xpooos Backyard Daisy Sale price€10,95
Sold outFlamingo: Boxer
Flamingo: Boxer Sale price€18,95
Sold out& C × xpooos Retro Floral& C × xpooos Retro Floral
& C × xpooos Retro Floral Sale price€10,95
Sold out& C × XPOOOS Cheetah Palooza& C × XPOOOS Cheetah Palooza
Sold out& C × xpooos abstract& C × xpooos abstract
& C × xpooos abstract Sale price€10,95
Sold outXpooos × AFNF CyclingXpooos × AFNF Cycling
Xpooos × AFNF Cycling Sale price€12,95
Sold outIce Rocket: Boxer
Ice Rocket: Boxer Sale price€18,95
Palm SpringsPalm Springs
Palm Springs Sale price€12,95
Sold outXpooos × AFNF scooterXpooos × AFNF scooter
Xpooos × AFNF scooter Sale price€12,95
&C × XPOOOS Let's get Funky&C × XPOOOS Let's get Funky
&C × XPOOOS Let's get Funky Sale price€10,95
Sold outPaparazzoPaparazzo
Paparazzo Sale price€12,95
Sardine Sale price€12,95
Sold out&C × XPOOOS Sweet Leopard&C × XPOOOS Sweet Leopard
&C × XPOOOS Sweet Leopard Sale price€10,95
Breakfast Sale price€12,95
Xpooos × AFNF OleanderXpooos × AFNF Oleander
Xpooos × AFNF Oleander Sale price€12,95
&C × XPOOOS Pretty in Pastel&C × XPOOOS Pretty in Pastel
Sold outBike Breton: Boxer
Bike Breton: Boxer Sale price€18,95
Sold outFloating PugFloating Pug
Floating Pug Sale price€12,95
Sold outPopcorn: Boxer
Popcorn: Boxer Sale price€18,95
Sold outTennisTennis
Tennis Sale price€12,95
Sold out& C × XPOOOS Tropical Painintery& C × XPOOOS Tropical Painintery
Sold outPopcorn: SocksPopcorn: Socks
Popcorn: Socks Sale price€12,95