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About us

XPOOOS  Since 2014

Expose yourself

At XPOOOS we design and create stylish, contemporary socks. They’re expressive and distinctive. They say something about the people who wear them. After all, we do what we do for like-minded and self-aware individuals with a distinctive streak and a certain outlook on life. Open-minded individuals who dare to mix and match, explore and experiment. Individuals who dare to expose themselves.

XPOOOS has elevated sock design to a veritable art form, hence The Art of Socks. Characteristic collections, distinctive designs and quirky combinations, as well as more subdued and subtle masterpieces, brought to you as the ultimate in high-end socks. All meticulously made from high-quality materials. As a brand, XPOOOS exudes a sense of excitement, enthusiasm and engagement. Embracing three key characteristics. What’s in a name? Well, these three key characteristics for starters. Literally! The Three O’s in XPOOOS stands for: Original, authentic and avant-garde. Individual and insightful. Outstanding, faultless and flawless. Immaculate and impeccable. Out of this World, sophisticated and striking. Intrepid an inspired. Crazy and quirky, yet always considerate and classy.

XPOOOS is a new sock generation within a renowned hosiery fashion house. Thanks to the generations of experience with craftsmanship and creation of making socks that it had inherited from its parent, it soon gained a firm foothold. And like many, a child is developing its own unique personality. So has XPOOOS. As an individual brand it’s self-aware, expressive, stylish and a bit bold, just like the people who wear it.

XPOOOS – the art of socks