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Let’s start with wishing you all a very happy, crazy, creative, exciting, may-your-dreams-come-true new year! I hope you ate way too much, like I did, the last weeks, so that you can freshly start the new year with the resolution to lose all the fact ( and guilt ) you gain during Christmas.
I don’t participate in that sort of new year’s resolutions because they are there to be broken, which al-ways ends in huge disappointments and which causes the opposite effect: binge eating all your problems and emotions away, hey!

So to avoid disappointing myself and to keep my juicy body in 2016, I made a list of things I don’t want to do/see in 2016. Simply because these are the things that I (hope) to never ever do. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • #healthylife. 2015 was the year everybody was way too busy showing their asses off, literally, in the gym because we are so fit with our personal body plan bla bla. Lifting with one hand, taking gym-selfies with the other one. Keep it going guys, you’re doing great! I’m off eating Tony’s on the couch. Bye.
  • Boring socks. I am a real sucker for guys who have an (preferably blue) eye for details. Don’t get me wrong and please leave your hipster outfits in 2015, but spice your outfit and live a bit up with some fancy socks, guys. You know where to get them 😉
  • Netflix and chill. Y’all already have seen every show and/or movie on Netflix while chilling with ‘bae’ in order to get your groove on. Such a lame and cheap way of ‘dating’. Why aren’t breakfast dates a popular thing anymore? Let’s go eat pancakes at 9am in our pyjamas!
  • Vloggers. Stop vlogging, start living. Or go looking for a job. Because we do not care so much about the time you eat or take a shit at (excuse my language).
  • Attending every event. I really love to go to some fancy and fun events with fancy and fun people and music. But we are so restless these days and it seems like we don’t want to miss out on anything. Here’s a thing: If you weren’t there, you don’t know what you’ve missed either. So chill and have some q-time for yourself. Become more exclusive. Justin Bieber related events are a must go though.
  • Instacrime: Posting #foodporn on a selfie, the serial selfie narcissist, I-am-so-postive-and-motivated-quotes, in- need- of- attention (half)nudes, healthy food pics. None of these will save the world.

To end, there is one thing that I really do want to see this year: everybody happy. So make 2016 one that you will look back at smiling.

Happy New Everything