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Yes, I call it V-day, because I don’t want to scare you away by typing the whole, maybe a bit feared word: v-a-l-e-n-t-i-n-e (please do not click the cross now! This is going to be fun).

We just survived the holidays. For some of us it was surviving your mother in law’s cooking skills, of which she is really secure. The only security you got is that your stomach will make backflips for three days. For the singles over here, it was about answering the same question from annoying aunts all over again: ‘when will you bring someone over?’. Yes, the struggle is real guys.

January went great, and then February hits in. You can’t go to any store without seeing whole altars filled with heart-shaped chocolate and mugs with I LOVE YOU.

Anyway, people respond very different on this whole V-day situation. I categorised them for you:

The Hater
This person really, really hates valentine’s day. There are several reasons for this intense feeling of disgust among the day of love. They’ve been cheated on, have an unanswered love who don’t know of their existence or they are so exasperated because they know no one will ever write them a letter longer than ‘no’. This type mostly sees V-day as the perfect opportunity to drown their selves in vodka or other strong liquor. Oh, and they have to post it on social media how much they hate this day.

Blame it on the Commerce
This person yells: ‘Oh my gawd, it is so commercial, it isn’t about love. If you like really love someone you can surprise them any other day, valentine’s day is sooooo overrated’. These people are mostly girls who secretly hope they will receive a corny teddy bear holding a love heart. Get over it girls, ain’t going to happen.

The Lovebirds
These couples are so happy in love. They are made for each other and want the whole world to know. To be extra convincing they post a lot of pics on social media about how blessed they are with having each other. On valentine’s day you will see a pic of her holding 13837 roses, and he will smile awkward while holding his lovely mug he just got from her.

The Collapse
These are couples as well. But valentine’s day will bring a looooot of confusion in their relationship. They agreed both on doing nothing for valentine’s day. No presents, no dinners, at most an evening couch hanging watching romcom together. But then it’s the 14th… She will be waiting all day. Checks her mailbox constantly and when arriving home she will be desperately look for candles. Then she runs to the bedroom to see what’s in there. Big surprise: nothing. Because that was the whole deal, right?! She is madly disappointed and ignores him the rest of the night, pretending there is ‘nothing’. He just don’t know what he did wrong.

Yes kids, it’s a complicated story. Luckily I am not one of the types above. I choose to be my own valentine every year and treat myself with gifts that will never disappoint me: shoes, socks or Tony Chocolonely. But hey, don’t feel bothered to send me love letters, I will read them all. With love!

X Kimberley