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17 Nov “ Just came to say hi! ”

‘’Oh hi back at you, but who are you?!’’ You might think. That’s why I take this first column as the opportunity to introduce myself.
My name is Kimberley, 24 years old. I’m currently living in beautiful Amsterdam, but my roots are in the most cosy and fun area of The Netherlands,  Brabant.

I work for a very inspiring Amsterdam brand, and besides I love to create: I write, I design, I photograph, I customize, I get creative. That love escalated quickly into running my own creative business since 2012: By Kimberley.
Working those two amazing jobs is pretty busy, but in my opinion I have all the time to rest when I’m old and outworn. Or on lazy Sundays;)

I’m an inquisitive explorer. Both a dreamer and achiever. And I really believe in the strength of kindness. You have to spread it wherever and whenever you can, because it only gets bigger and better when shared.

Now you know a little more about me, I feel comfortable enough to make a confession. I’m an addict, and it involves coffee and shoes. The more the better. I just can’t get enough. Never.
But what is a delicious coffee without a cup? Barely nothing. What is a perfect fitting shoe without a fancy sock? Absolutely nothing! And that’s exactly the reason why XPOOOS got my heart at the first time I got in touch with those awesome limited edition socks.

Therefore, I will share that love with you on this blog. I’m about to explain what socks can do, what life would be without them and of course I’ll give my undisguised opinion when it comes to wearing them.

Happy to meet you and see you socks!  Whoops… I mean soon.