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16 Dec “ My Christmas Carol! ”

It’s that time of the year again. The days are getting shorter, streets are being decorated and I have been looking like Rudolph for three months now because my tiny nose can’t handle the cold.

We all look forward to this time of the year, don’t we?! Such a holly jolly season.

But I want to take you back to the beginning for a moment.
Just like all the other festive days, we seem to totally forget what it’s all about: This time of the year is about the birth of our precious baby Jesus. Hooray! That means that Christmas is just a babyshower that went to-tal-ly overboard with some very funny traditions.

Talking about that, I want to highlight the tradish of the Christmas stocking. Why? Because socks are simply the most important part of this escalated birthday party. The tradition says you must hang an empty sock above your mantle on Christmas Eve, so Santa Claus can fill it with small toyscandyfruitcoins or other things that you probably haven’t ask for but which are fun to put in an empty sock. Right.

It even tells children that behave badly during the year will receive only a piece or pile of coal. This fact explains why Santa is such a jolly dude: he knows where all the bad girls live.

Christmas is the time of giving: love, happiness and lots of presents. The Jesus part related to the gift giving and that stocking thing, makes a very weird question pops up in my head: Have you ever wondered what people would get Jesus for Christmas? A pair of fancy those fancy XPOOOS’ stockings would be the perfect gift. At least that’s what I thought. Jesus would probably be like: ‘’ Wahauw, socks. You know I was born today and died for your sins?! But hey,  thanks for the socks man! They’ll fit perfect with my sandals.’’
Exactly, not the smartest and most fashionable move.

Anyhow, for every other person in this world, a pair of socks in your Christmas stockings is one of the best things you can receive.

I will be hanging my XPOOOS stockings, and hope I will receive even more pairs. But if Santa has something else in mind, I would be okay with that too. There is only one thing  that I don’t want to find in my stockings, and that’s a man wearing them.

Happy Holidays y’all, and be nice to one another.

Jolly greetings,