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22 Mar “ TUNE IN FOLKS ”

It might be still a bit breezy outside, but the fact that the sun stays out longer makes me a happy hippie and gives me a bunch of energy. I just can’t wait till the days sitting in the parc while feeding myself and enjoying the view, watching people and listen to sticky summer songs.

I was about the make a list for this sort of parc/beach/balcony-chilling situations and that made me think about the fact what my life would be if it would be a mixtape.

Now I will spare you because I’m almost 25 and a lot of things happened in life (millstones, flirty periods, stressing days and heartache, the girls struggles), so I will describe one random day in songs.

Starting with waking up. I’m a real morning person, but the alarm clock struggle is real every morning. Mister Brown is screaming in my eardon’t wake me up but I want the screaming to be over so I get out of bed.

Once I’m awake everything is fine and as soon the sun shines through my curtains and there is no one to serve me breakfast, so kisses for breakfast playin in my head and I just pretend this will be my breakfast someday, while eating a super bored bowl with oatmeal. Fake it till you make it is the motto, people!

All dressed up I’m on my way to work. I’m sitting in the bus, staring out of the window. Almost every day I feel like I’m in a music video, my head leaning on my hand. Realising that life goes on as it never ends, Nick Carter hits in hard with his B-boys and make me question if this is the feeling I need to walk with. Please, show me the meaning about life guys. And then I almost miss my bus stop.

Then a regular workday starts and all I hear iswork work work work work *things riri sings but I just don’t understand* work work work work’. This mostly goes on all day…

Hard work must be rewarded with… food! It’s dinnertime and super quit. Because literally every song goes about love or relates to it. Have you ever heard a song about spaghetti? Neither did I and I just don’t know why?! Because food is the best thing in the world and it will never disappoint you, like love does. Point made.

Then My BFF is calling with the question if she could keep me company with some spicy gossips, tea and chocolate. One moment wished it was JB singing this to me, but we switch the song to ladies night.

The day is done and it’s time to go back to sleep. Ending my day with the same man I started with.


All songs are clickable, so tune in to my life;)

X Kimberley