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18 Aug Xpooosing time

Shooting means a lot of creative people, a creative environment and inparticular a creative item. We had our last shoot about 2 weeks ago – we were happy to work with nice and beautiful people, as well as a beautiful product !

We did a photoshoot for our limited edition – Christmas and Spring/Summer collection. We would like to show you a few pictures of this shoot, but won’t reveal too much!

Our expectations of the result of this photoshoot were very high because we only accept the best and never make any concessions.

“ The beauty is not the picture itself, but more what the picture is exposing ”

It felt a bit awkward shooting pictures of a Christmas setting, while we are still in the middle of Summer and taking shots of summer items as well !

But we can assure you, that when you see our Christmas socks together with the images of this shoot, it will immediately put you in the mood for Christmas.

We will be constantly updating our website as well as our social media accounts with new pictures. Please check out Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook page, so that you won’t miss any news and updates and will remain inspired by XPOOOS.