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Jump Ladies Footies

Sale price€8,95

Step into a world full of joy and playfulness with our Jump Ladies Footies - where a cute Maltese dog jumps in the air on a pouf!

These footies are like an ode to pleasure and adventure, with a lively image of a Maltese dog that jumps through the air full of enthusiasm. Let your heart jump when you see this cheerful print and add a touch of playfulness to your outfit.

Made from high -quality polyester, our Jump footies not only offer sustainability but also a luxurious feeling. Cover your feet with comfort and enjoy the softness while you explore the world. The silicone anti -slip heel ensures that the footies stay firmly in place, without sagging, not even with the most dynamic jumps. This way you can experience daily adventures with confidence and ease. With their short length, these footies effortlessly disappear into your shoes, making them invisible in sneakers or low shoes. No hassle with visible socks, only comfort and style.

Feel the joy and liveliness with every step you take with our Jump Ladies Footies. Let yourself be inspired by the Maltese dog that jumps through the air, and embrace the pleasure and the adventurous spirit in you. Get in comfortable and stylish footies that reflect your love for life, and let your feet shine with every leap you make!

Material:73% polyester 18% cotton 5% polyamide 2% elastane 2% lurex

Jump Ladies Footies
Jump Ladies Footies Sale price€8,95