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Cyberdog men's socks

Sale price€12,95

Enter the future of fashion with Cyberdog socks - an enchanting mix of style and technology! These socks are not ordinary footwear; They are proof of the groundbreaking world of technology.

Cyberdog socks are not only for fashion enthusiasts; They are a statement of innovation and progressive thinking. They represent a world where technology and style fuses seamlessly, creating a new dimension of expression and individuality.

But that is not everything! These socks are more than just beautiful to look at. Made from high -quality materials, they offer comfort and durability. Which means you approach style in the future.

So, if you are ready to embrace the cyber world, don't miss our cyber dog socks. Enter the future and let your feet point the way to a whole new world of style and self -expression. Get ready to let go of your inner cyber animal and put the trend for the fashion -conscious generation!

Material:58% Polyester 35% Cotton 4% Elasthan 3% Polyamide

Cyberdog men's socks
Cyberdog men's socks Sale price€12,95