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Manhattan men's socks

Sale price€12,95

Step into the bustling energy of Manhattan with our exclusive men's socks inspired by this iconic city. These socks immediately bring the unmistakable flair and liveliness of Manhattan to your feet.

Our men's socks with the theme Manhattan are designed with an eye for detail and catch the essence of this metropolis perfect. They are equipped with characteristic elements, such as the famous skyline with its breathtaking skyscrapers and recognizable monuments, such as the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Made from high -quality materials, these socks not only offer style, but also comfort. The excellent fit of our Xpooos socks ensure that your feet stay comfortable all day, whether you walk through the busy streets of Manhattan, attend a meeting or just relax in your spare time.

These socks are not only a tribute to the city, but also to your own style and personality. They add a touch of sophistication and a contemporary accent to any outfit, whether you complete a formal look or lift a casual ensemble to a higher level.

Get the energy from Manhattan to your daily life with our men's socks. Order today and let your feet feel the excitement and dynamics of this legendary city. Discover the magic of Manhattan at every step you take!

Material:58% Polyester 35% Cotton 4% Elasthan 3% Polyamide

Manhattan men's socks
Manhattan men's socks Sale price€12,95