Cyberdog men's footies


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Step into the future of fashion with our Cyberdog men's footies! These futuristic socks are equipped with a cool image of a robot dog, giving your style an innovative and sci-fi look.

Our Cyberdog men's footies are a tribute to the technology and progress of the modern world. With a detailed image of a robot dog, you will be reminded of the exciting possibilities of the future.

Made from high -quality polyester, our Cyberdog men's footies not only offer sustainability, but also a soft and comfortable feeling. The silicone anti -slip heel ensures that the socks stay in place, so that you can fully concentrate on your daily adventures.

So, embrace the technological vibes with our Cyberdog men's footies! Let your feet enjoy the comfort and the futuristic style of these great socks. Discover the power of innovation and fashion with these unique footies and take a step towards the future every step!

Material:73% Polyester 20% Cotton 5% Polyamaid 2% Elastan

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