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Galaxy men's footies

Sale price€8,95

Get ready for an extraterrestrial experience with our Galaxy men's footies! These unique footies bring you to higher atmospheres with a beautiful design of an astronaut, which takes you on a journey through the stars.

The Galaxy men's footies let you experience the beauty of the space, while enjoying the comfort of high -quality cotton in combination with polyester. These soft and durable materials ensure that your feet feel at ease, while you step through life adventurously.

With a silicone anti -slip heel, the Galaxy men's footies remain firmly in place, so you don't have to worry about sagging socks. The short length ensures that they disappear completely in your shoes, making them perfect for sneakers and low shoes.

So, embrace the cosmic vibes with our Galaxy men's footies! Let your feet travel through the stars while enjoying the comfort and style of these great footies. Discover the boundless possibilities of fashion and adventure with these unique socks and make a trip through the universe every step!

Material:47% cotton 46% polyester 5% polyamaid 2% elastane

Galaxy men's footies
Galaxy men's footies Sale price€8,95