Ginko Ladies Hipster


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Step into the enchanting world of Ginko Ladies Hipsters, where the graceful dragonflies come to life on soft, breathable cotton fabric. These hipsters are not just underwear, they are a tribute to the beauty of nature and a celebration of female power!

The Libelle is the symbol of transformation and freedom, and our socks catch this meaning in a stylish design. The subtle image of the Libelle on the socks brings a playful and airy atmosphere, while your feet enjoy the comfort of bamboo.

The cotton composition of these hipsters is covered with an unparalleled feeling of softness and comfort. It is as if you feel a soft breeze that you embrace, so that you can move freely all day long and be yourself.

With the Ginko Ladies Hipsters with Libella Print you feel connected to the natural world around you and remember the power that lies in you, just like that of the majestic Libelle. Wear them as a secret weapon under your outfit, knowing that you carry strength, beauty and natural elegance with you.

Feel like a goddess, inspired by the Libelle - a symbol of transformation and innovation. Let these hipsters guide you on your own journey of growth and self-discovery, and celebrate the power of being a woman in all her glory!

Material: 95% cotton 5% elastane

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