Cleopatra Ladies Shortsocks


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Enter the world of majestic elegance with our Cleopatra Ladies Shortsocks - inspired by the timeless beauty of the legendary queen!

These socks are like a tribute to the lush style of Cleopatra, with a beautiful light blue design and glittering golden accents. Let your feet shine with the royal appearance of our Cleopatra shortsocks and add a touch of glamor to every step you take.

Made from high -quality cotton, our Cleopatra socks not only offer a soft and comfortable feeling, but also durability and breathable capacity. Let your feet enjoy the comfort while enveloping yourself with a touch of luxury.

Let yourself be surrounded by the splendor of our Cleopatra ladies shortsocks. Get in the style of a queen and let your feet shine with the beauty of ancient Egypt. With every step you take, you enter the world of majestic elegance and you feel like a true Cleopatra!

Material:70% Cotton 23% Polyester 4% Polyamide 2% Elasthan 1% Lurex

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